This is my first post on a new blog. Blogging itself is quite new to me and I’m feeling a bit like a little fish tossed into a great big sea. When it comes to the ways of social media my sons would tell you I come kicking and screaming. I’ve been around a few decades, six in fact and I grew up in the dry land wheat country of eastern Washington. Worked those wheat fields for a decade too, but that’s another story. Maybe it’s that part of my life that shaped me into such a private person, or maybe I’m just old fashioned – ya, that’s probably more like it. Either way, this is all quite to me.

The sub-title to the blog says I’m a reluctant author, but lets be clear, I love writing, its just all the accoutrements that come with writing. In high school I hated English class. All those rules kept a person from saying what he wanted to say. Well needless to say, I come up woefully short in the grammar department. A fact my editor was quick to point out.

Believe it or not my last high school English class is probably what planted the seed to my writing desires. To humor the lovely, little old lady (who was probably younger than I am now) teaching the class, I took an exam and wrote a short story at her request. A few weeks later, shortly before graduation, she returned with two different scholarship offers. (scholarships were exceedingly rare in those days) I was too young to appreciate it all and couldn’t begin to imagine myself as a writer.

The seed that teacher planted laid dormant until I retired and felt it stirring, coming to life, so I began talking a few writing classes. I found them quite enjoyable, so much so I began writing a story – something just for myself (you will recall my earlier discussion about being a private kind of person), until one Christmas the matter came up in a discussion my wife and I were having with our oldest son. He twisted my arm pretty severely about polishing the story and publishing it. Long story short, a year later, (this last December), the book Truth’s Blood was published. So I owe him a little credit for prompting me to actually turn it into a real book, even though, to this day he has yet to read it.

I’m a great fan of history and it plays a strong role in my motivation for writing the story. One of life’s greatest mysteries is how mankind seems to find it impossible to learn from mistakes of the past. As I write in the book, “Man’s past is filled with truth’s shed blood.” Basically I took the lessons history has taught and applied them to the present situation in the Untied States to write a fictional story of what could happen. So while there is a goal of teaching some of histories lessons through the story, my real intent was to write an entertaining novel.

I worked hard to develop strong characters the reader could relate to. One of my strengths is writing descriptively. As one Amazon reviewer put it – “Fantastic Imagery.” And who doesn’t like getting swept up and taken away to another world when reading a good book? My own reading preference is for a long story, something I can really get involved in and so I wrote a long story. I believe the aspect of strong, well developed characters, coupled with imagery that pulls you into the moment, and a storyline built upon historical truths tells a compelling story you will enjoy.

The story takes place at a time when America can no longer pay its bills and China refuses to accept he funny money being printed in Washington. When China demands payment in real assets, the two nations come to blows and the United States is occupied. Rather than fight to occupy the major American cities, China shuts down the power and closes them off. When families flee the chaos in the cites China rounds up the young men and interns them in work camps. The story revolves around the Lang family and their attempts to rescue the families youngest son from one of those work camps. A final tickler, if you like stories where none of the characters are safe, you will be on the edge of your seat reading this one.

To wrap up this first blog allow me to finish with this. There is a nearly overwhelming learning curve when self-publishing your first book; part of the “reluctant author” story. One of the things I learned about is who gets to set the price of the book. I was allowed to set the price for the eBook and priced it at just $2.99. I was not allowed to set the price of the physical, hold in your hands paperback and for that I apologize. Next time, this reluctant author will know better.

Below are links to the book. I not only hope you will pick up a copy but if you enjoy the book please let your friends know. I also enjoy constructive and informed feedback and welcome your comments here. My thanks ahead of time.


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