So much of what is talked about in the end of the world, SHTF scenario type of books, (mine included) is read as pure entertainment and nothing more, when really, we should all be preparing. Check out the article below. I can’t even guess at the time frame, but it is real and we should all be doing things that prepare us. Here is the link.

More importantly, there are a couple of books out there I will soon be reading and wanted to pass them along to you. Written in 1933, “Flight from the City” by Ralph Borsodi. Mr. Borsodi documents their move from the city and his families efforts at not necessarily becoming self-sufficient, but less dependent. I’m told its easy to read too.

Bordosi’s “This Ugly Civilization” 1929, drives one point home – “History, which is one long record of the imbecilities and the injustices of governments, furnishes us good grounds for seeking some alternative solution for them.”

Another book you may want to look into is Kevin Carson’s “The Homebrew Industrial Revolution.” It focuses on the modern statist government and how it raises the cost of living. Carson quotes Bordosi extensively and goes on to show there is an emerging alternative economy which reduces the requirement for an ever increasing income stream to live.

Bordoci’s words are timeless and reading about his experiences of living through the depression are something we can all benefit from. Both these books I’ve mentioned can be found on line for free. Borsodi exposes the hidden costs of large-scale production and shows the wisdom in locally sourced goods, plus, it’s just plain a fascinating story.


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