Free Book Offer for Truth’s Blood

Posted: June 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I am in need of more reviews on Amazon, therefore I am offering my book, Truth’s Blood, for free. If you will send me the email address for your kindle, I will send you the book. I also have it in PDF form if that’s what you prefer.

Rest assured I will not spam you. I hate it as much as you do.

Recently I received the review I requested from Kirkus Reviews. While I didn’t receive their coveted “star” award, the review was pretty positive and I’ve posted most of it below.

In Roberts’ post-apocalyptic debut, the Lang family survives in a disintegrating United States occupied by the Chinese military. The year 2016 sees America crumbling. With the Bill of Rights suspended, aerial drones target citizens by presidential order. Consumerism and debt have ruined the economy, while college graduates don’t know the meaning of
self-sufficiency. What better time for the Chinese to invade and collect their due? When it happens, everyone is caught unawares except Cliffson Lang, his wife, Jean, and their friend Monk. Living in Oregon, they farm their own produce and raise chickens. They work hard (as do their sons, Zach and Dustin Lang), surviving within their means. They aren’t
affected when the government cuts aid programs (to repay the Chinese) and rioters start destroying cities around the country. But shortly thereafter, the Chinese . . . (spoiler) The
invaders then begin collecting gold and silver from traumatized Americans nationwide. Monk and the Langs keep their spirits up, staying informed via ham radio about militia resistance to the Chinese and the carnage created by roving gangs. Debut author Roberts convincingly brings this hellish future to life. He begins the novel with frequent, sumptuous depictions of nature: “Scattered gray clouds rode across the sky on a chill zephyr born of winter, while a cool breeze played hide and seek throughout last year’s raspberry canes.” Such beauty allows the full weight of later atrocities to hit the reader: “Disfigured by Dustin’s shotgun blasts, the bodies left behind dark stains and chunks of flesh on the grass.”

But between the peace and violence . . . a solid action narrative awaits.
Morals and bullets fly in this cranky action thriller.” Kirkus Reviews

I hope you’ll check out this dystopian thriller and leave a review on Amazon for me.

And don’t forget, I am happy to send you a free copy if you will provide me a way to send it to you. you can contact me at
Have a great day folks!

  1. Matthew says:

    I would like to check it out e-mail me

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