Man’s Past is Filled with Truth’s Shed Blood

We’ve all heard the phrase – history repeats itself, but never in exactly the same way.   Have you ever really thought about it though?  If it does repeat itself, then the obvious question is why?  Human nature maybe?  Naw, couldn’t be.  We humans are so advanced and so wise in this modern age.  I hear some of you laughing, but the rest of you were nodding your heads yes.

Could it have something to do about mankind’s seeming inability to learn from the past?  I tend to think so.  We seem incapable of picking up some of the basic principles that are so clearly displayed along histories road map.  What else could it be when the same mistakes are repeated over and over, thereby setting the stage for history to repeat itself.  Or said another way, the landscape of the future is painted with the lessons of history we ignore or never learn.

Examples – they are everywhere.  Here are just a few.

INFLATION – Almost always created on purpose by governments down through history, it happens when governments can no longer pay for their wars and bloated programs.  In Rome the Caesar’s would “clip” the coins that came into the treasury.  By stealing gold and silver from the various coins collected in fees and taxes, Caesar could expand the money supply to pay his bills.  Melt down the clipped pieces and mint new coins.

In more recent times governments didn’t need to resort to clipping coins.  They had the printing press and Germany made great use of it.  I think most of you are familiar with the stories of people burning bundles of Deutsche Marks because they were more valuable for heat than currency.  Or maybe you’ve heard the story of a man who found a leather brief case full of paper Marks laying in the road.  He dumped out the money and kept he brief case because it was worth more.

Here’s one I bet you didn’t know.  In the early 1900’s Argentina had the fourth largest economy in the world.  Subsequently destroyed by government programs that could only be supported by printing money.  England used to rule the world, but its currency has been devalued a number of times for the same reasons.

Today in the U.S. we are very advanced.  No need for the printing press here.  We simply create money out of thin air with a few keystrokes on a keyboard.  Why mess with the printing press when the numbers you create on a computer screen are just as valuable?

WAR – This ones pretty obvious.  Rome fell largely as a result of its far flung wars.  They were costly and basically they pissed off a lot of people.  Germany and Japan shared similar fates for similar reasons.  Do we in the U.S. think we can ignore these lessons?  Apparently so.

UNCONTROLLED BORDERS – Its not about being isolated and not allowing anyone in.  On the contrary, it can be most beneficial when done the correct way.  But history clearly demonstrates that no nation remains standing for long when it can’t or wont protect its borders.

I could go on but wont bore you with anymore history.  It has after all, become such a nasty word we don’t even teach it (in any meaningful way) in our schools anymore.  We are an enlightened nation and know that past history is just that and none of what has happened in the past will affect us – right?  And don’t go getting all political on me.  Both parties have taken us down the road we are on.  Pointing fingers at one or the other only demonstrates you don’t have a clear understanding of the problem.  Sorry, but the Truth can be harsh sometimes.

History is the premise that Truth’s Blood is written on.  Take the lessons of the past and apply them to the current state of the U.S.  Our future really is painted by the lessons of history we fail to learn or choose to ignore.  TRUTH’S BLOOD is one possible outcome.  The scary part is that this fictional story gets a little more real everyday.  I hope you’ll pick up a copy.  It makes for a chilling read in the middle of our hot summer weather.


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